How to Paint a Boat Bottom

Painting a boat bottom takes determination and effort. Preparation takes up the most time and is about  75% of a paint job, it’s also the most expensive part of the process. Painting the boat bottom is crucial for both the endurance and appearance of the boat bottom. As long as the directions are followed in the right order, painting a boat should not be hard.  

First, put the boat bottom side facing up on a stand. Clean the boat while it is still wet, use a pressure washer for the best effect. If any paint chips while the boat is being cleaning, simply remove the rest of the flaking piece of paint. Then wash the whole boat bottom with soap and water. Do not attempt to clean the boat while it is dry. It only makes the process harder than it to paint a boat bottom

Next stip off all of the old paint. If the old paint is chipping off, it is not going to do much good to paint over it. The easiest and safest way to strip the boat is to use a two inch hook scraper.  If vinyl paint is going to be applyed strip off all the non-vinyl paint.

After stripping off all of the old paint, sand the bottom. An 80 grit paper in any obital sander, although avoid belt sanders because this damages the boat by giving it a flat bottom. Sanding with the 80 grit paper will give the boat the smooth boat bottom without the damage. When the boat has been sanded, wash away all of the dust and old paint that might still remain.

Select the paint of your choice, stir it, and fill a paint tray. Use a roller brush with an extended handle for easier painting. Roll it up and down the hull. Paint the bottom fast and clean, because most boat bottom paints dry quickly. Make sure that the paint is mixed everytime more paint is poured into the paint tray, this is critical for keeping an even color. Let coats of paint dry before painting over them.

Let the paint dry overnight before removing the boat from it’s stand. Paint the spots where the stand was holding it up. Wait another twenty four to fourty eight hours after painting before taking the boat out into the water. Putting the boat into the water before the paint is dry can spoil the paint job and all the work put into it.