Boat Painting

Thousands of different kinds of boat paint line the shelves, but which one should you choose? First, when choosing a boat paint, generally it is best to find one paint manufactor and stay with it. The primer and paint should be the same brand.It is akso important to factor in what kind of boat is being painted.

Fiberglass boats generally need a paint that will be covered in gelcoat. However, gelcoat does not have to be used if anti-fouling paint is being used on the bottom of the boat. Painting a boat with house paint also does well with the right preparation. If there is good preparation then a good latex paint should stand up to boating use.  boat paint

If the boat is made of wood, then the only thing seperating the boat and the water, rot, and different pests that live in the water is the paint. So when considering a paint for a wood boat, take into consideration that a good paint would make a difference in how long the boat stays in good condition. Acrylic paints do well. A water based paint will stand up well in the water. The same water-based acrylic is used on a house, and exposed to the outside elements every day of the year, should stand up well for 52 weeks of boating and sitting on a lake.

When the boat is made of metal, then beware of rust. Polymer coatings do well on steel boats because they are created specifically to lower the chances of rust. However, polymer coats should only be used on metal boats because they are not needed on other types of boats. Polymer coats can be expensive though, they can cost up to $90 for just one galleon. Also zinc primer, epoxy midle coat, and urethane topcoat are commonly used to paint the hulls of metal boats.

So remember, when painting a boat, take into consideration what kind of boat that is being painted before choosing the paint. Also, sticking to the same manufactor will make it simpler to find different paints, primers, and coats to pick. There are millions of types of paints out there, and knowing what can be used when painting a boat makes the choice alot easier.