Boat Bottom Paint

Why is choosing the correct paint for a boat bottom important? There are many reasons why. One reason that the correct boat bottom paint is important is that it  provides the boat protection from the fouling growth that collects on the boat. Knowing how to dispose of bottom boat paint is also important for the enviroment.

Before picking the paint to repaint the boat bottom, know that the old boat bottom paint should be removed with care and collected. Bottom boat paint is hazardous waste, and is damaging to the enviroment, and should be carefully disposed of. So when repainting, or just removing the paint, be cautious about where the paint is put away. The boat bottom paint also leaks, and can cause the deaths of other water organisms when it sits in the boat bottom paintwater all year.

Painting the bottom boat is a very crucial for safety reasons. Fouling growth can collect on the boat, causing the boat to become less manageable, as well as less responsive. This can make the boat hard to manage in stormy conditions. Allowing the filth to grow on the bottom of the boat also slows the boat down, and increases the fuel costs because the efficiency is decreased. Keeping the hull painted is also as important. Boat bottom paint keeps the hull from being damaged.

Fouling is mostly caused by three conditions. Boats that sit still in the water attract organisms such as barnicles, which encourages their growth on the bottom on the boat. Another pest is plant growth. Boats sitting near the water line are next to plants, which attaches itself to the boat and grows. Slime fouling is when slime and algae gather on the hull. This is the most damaging and is the hardest to get off. The correct boat bottom paint can prevent these pests and growth. There are different types of paints especially made to prevent this type of fouling.

Bottom boat paints can be found in a variety of places, anywhere from the local boat or paint place, to the internet. It is also helpful to contact a professional if you have never painted a boat bottom before. Choosing the correct boat bottom paint can ensure that the boat lasts longer.