Aluminum Boat Paint

There are many methods to painting an aluminum boat, as well as a diverse array of paints that are used.  So which one is the right one for an aluminum boat? It’s wise to contact a professional before starting on a boat. However here are some tips to let the boat painter know what they are in for.

To paint an aluminum boat, be prepared to prepare. Preparation is 75% of painting a boat. First, wash the boat, try to wash and clean the boat while it is still wet. This makes for easier cleaning. Then, sand off all of the old non-adhesive paint.Klean-Strip KS-3 Stripper is also a good method to stripping off old paint from the boat. The new paint that is put on is only as strong as the existing paint that is on it. After the boat is sanded, clean the boat again to rid the boat of any remaining dust or paint.aluminum boat

After prepping the boat for painting, choose a good aluminum oxide primer. This keeps the boat from rusting. Then prime the boat and wait for it to dry. After it is primed, the paint can be applied. The boat needs to be covered in several layers of good paint. Wait until each coat of paint is dried until applying another one. this makes the paint job last longer. Also wait until all the paint is dry before taking it out into the water, doing this will damage the paint job.

Many different paints line the shelves for boat painting. However solvent and acrylic based paints work great for aluminum boats. A soft bristled brush works best when applying the paint, as a rough bristled brush will only scratch the paint, and ruin the work that has already been done. The paint can also be applied by a sprayer, this makes the boat looks smoother, where hand painting the boat gives it texture. There are many choices out there for painting, so that your boat can look just the way you want it.