Boat Paint

Maintaining a boat’s paint job does more than keep it looking good. Keeping boats painted guards the boat against the harsh effects that come in salt and fresh water, barnacle and algae, and sun damage. It’s also more cost efficient. With a painted hull, the boat can glide smoother and faster through the water, saving time. Painting also improves the boat’s fuel efficiency. Giving the boat the boat paint job it needs, not only makes it look faster, but feel faster as well.

Every boat needs a fresh coat of paint at some point. When the colors on the boat begin to fade, and the paint begins to chip, then it’s time for the boat toaluminum boat be repainted. Repainting boats does not have to be hard, but following the directions is key to a successful paint job. Although, a do-it-yourself boatpaint job does require patience, time, money, and motivation.

The price of paint jobs vary according to what paint is being used, and the size of the boat. However, a professional paint job usually costs $10 to $15 per foot for a sanding and fresh coat of paint.


A good paint job should last ten years or longer with the proper care. Do not use harsh cleaning materials, as this can corrode a the paint job. Using a soft mop or brush instead of a stiff bristled brush can prevent the boatpaint job from being scratched as it is being cleaned. Also, washdown the sides and hull to remove the salt water, salt water is very corrosive and can do alot of damage to a paint job. Keeping the boat clean is also important, wipe down the surfaces and remove all the dirt and filth from the boat, this can prevent acids forming on the paint job and ruining it. During the winter cover the boat to prevent it from ice damage. Wax the boat at least once a year to keep it looking good, and helps protect the paint job.